In February 2017, the Singapore government announced that a personal income tax rebate set at 20% of tax payable (capped at $500) will be given to all tax residents for income earned in 2016.

So we thought - why not donate that savings of $500, or any amount of that, towards 51 charities that are doing an amazing job at building a stronger and more inclusive Singapore?

Your one donation will be split equally amongst 51 charities, a real booster to the work that they are doing if this is done collectively by many individuals!


Who are we?

PLEDGE IT FORWARD is an initiative by The Social Co and Be An Idea.

The Social Co. was founded by Rebekah Lin and Cheryl Chong in 2014. They are the team behind 50 for 50, a youth-led initiative that activated young people to creatively raise funds and bring awareness to lesser-known charities in Singapore. From 2014-2016, in two separate phases, 80 young people managed to mobilise 62 companies and collectively raise SGD4.5 million, as well as raising heaps of awareness for 58 charities in Singapore. They are also the folks behind The Social Pantry, a social enterprise that helps improve employability for people with disabilities.

Be An Idea, founded by Nadim van der Ros, is a strategic marketing consultancy that believes in building strong narratives and communities around brands. Nadim/Be An Idea is also behind Fuze Night, a leading platform in which socially conscious individuals and organisations can share their stories and learnings from their social movements and ground-up initiatives, all the while inspiring those in the audience to take action around the causes they believe in, too.


In the Singapore Budget 2017 address in February, a slew of measures were announced to help prepare Singapore residents thrive in an uncertain world and prepare for the future. This triggered one key question – how could we enable everyone to play a part in making Singapore stronger and more inclusive?

We also realised that when people think about their future, it’s not easy to know what to prepare for or how much to prepare. What do you focus on? Healthcare? Education? Children? The less fortunate? With so many good causes out there, how do you choose? There is also a very realistic chance that you’ll be affected by more than one social issue in the future.

To this end, we've created Pledge It Forward. This initiative serves to encourage and enable individuals to pledge any amount of their personal income tax up to $500 – one of the measures announced – towards a group of more than 50 organisations all at once. The founders of Pledge it Forward believe this will help build a stronger and more inclusive Singapore.

Our main aim with the Pledge It Forward initiative is to make it easier for Singaporeans to play a part and contribute to making Singapore stronger now and in the future.

  • "Grab is a firm believer in improving lives in our local communities, and we support the “Pledge It Forward” movement as a direct way to reach out to all segments of society. We are encouraging Grab employees, who have the ability to give back, to share their annual tax rebates with the underprivileged. Every individual has a part to play in community building and creating a more inclusive Singapore - and we are honoured to support 'Pledge It Forward' to move the whole Singapore community forward together."

    – Anthony Tan, CEO (Grab)

  • "Giving harnesses the potential of a society to look beyond their own needs, offering individuals the gift of stepping into the shoes of another. It is in this identification that more often than not, we find our collective voice and identity. I love the 'Pledge it Forward' initiative because it invites us as a society to consciously sow into what constitutes the fabric of society – communities and lives. By intentionally doing so, we are a step closer to reaping a more secure future."

    – Melissa Kwee, CEO (NVPC)

  • "The ground-up 'Pledge It Forward' initiative is a reflection of thinking beyond 'me' to 'we'. Calling for pledging of a personal tax incentive to a collective good of giving to charities helping various disadvantaged groups not to be left behind, the campaign is certainly one worth supporting."

    Ng Ling Ling, MD (Community Chest)

  • "As soon as I heard of the Pledge It Forward initiative and their desire to mobilise the community to work towards a stronger Singapore, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. We are living in unstable and often worrying times and I strongly believe that it is down to us all to ensure that we are protecting the future of our country and doing everything within our power to pave the way for the next generation."

    Ang Kian Peng, Director (Samsui Supplies & Services)

  • "We have a great responsibility to our country and to future generations not only to use our money wisely but to invest in those organizations whose vision is to see this country thrive. Working in the financial world, I believe that I have a duty to lead by example and this is precisely why I chose to donate through Pledge It Forward. Due to my busy schedule, I often find it hard to research the best charities to donate to and to make sure that my donations are being used well. Pledge It Forward does that for you, making it so simple and straightforward. Helping good causes has never been so easy!"

    Junie Foo, Chair (BoardAgender)

  • "The Pledge it Forward initiative is a very innovative and meaningful one. I am sure there are many people who want to give and support those in need. This initiative makes it very easy for the donor to do so."

    Chong Siak Ching, CEO (National Gallery)

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